SmartWater CSI

SmartWater CSI, LLC™ is a high technology company with an established track record of crime deterrence and theft reduction.

SmartWater is an asset protection and loss prevention system in the form of a clear liquid which contains a unique, one-in-a-billion, forensic code that is extremely robust and guaranteed to last a minimum of 5 years within all weather conditions. It is easily applied to items of value – personal, commercial, municipal, and industrial – which are frequently the target of theft.

The non-hazardous patented liquid quickly leaves a long-lasting identifying mark that is invisible except under special ultraviolet black light. Law enforcement officials take the smallest micro-fragment of SmartWater from stolen property and send it to SmartWater’s forensic laboratories, where it is scientifically analyzed to identify the owner.

As a result, thieves who make the mistake of targeting SmartWater marked-assets face a far greater risk of successful prosecution. Ultimately, as the statistics over the past 17 years exhibit, crime is reduced and the public enjoys a safer environment.

SmartWater CSI’s offices are located at 500 West Cypress Creek Road, Suite 560, Fort Lauderdale, Florida.