Traceable Liquid

SmartWater traceable liquid is a deterrent

Forensic marking uses a traceable liquid technology to code valuables at risk of theft to mark burglars, linking them directly with a crime scene. Over the years, authorities have found it difficult to obtain convictions of thieves in possession of suspected stolen property unless the true owner can be identified. The desire to turn the tables on the criminal fraternity has spawned a number of would-be solutions, most are limited by being too easy to remove, degradable under sunlight (DNA) or too expensive (such as RFID tags) to be practical.


SmartWater forensic marking traceable liquid technology is durable enough to defeat criminal attempts to remove it and is capable of providing undeniable proof of ownership of the suspected stolen property. It is an asset identification system that can be used by law enforcement agencies to “tag” burglars long after the event and make them accountable to the courts.

SmartWater is ISO09001 quality management and ISO27001 information and security management accredited. It is also accredited to the highest standard (Grade A) of the BSI PAS 820:2012 classification certifying that its forensic coding lasts for a minimum of 5 years.

The American Society of Crime Laboratory Directors / Laboratory Accreditation Board has recognized SmartWater CSI, LLC’s ISO17025 accreditation in the United Kingdom for its testing laboratory as compliant and equivalent to their accreditation in the United States.

Identification of stolen property and offenders

SmartWater is a water-based, clear traceable liquid solution which is brushed or sprayed onto property, drying totally invisible. Each bottle contains the owner’s unique forensic formula (PIN) which is logged into a secure database so recovered property can be traced. The traceable liquid solution transfers to a thief’s clothing and skin, providing microscopic forensic evidence to prove the presence of the suspect at the time of the incident. SmartWater is officially classed as “non-hazardous” (see Safety Data Sheet) with only a speck the size of the period at the end of this sentence needed to establish the suspect’s guilt.

Word travels fast throughout the criminal fraternity that identification by SmartWater increases their chances of arrest and prosecution. Because police are actively looking for SmartWater, a criminal’s ability to sell stolen goods is dramatically decreased. Highly visible identification that SmartWater is in use has a chilling effect on internal and external criminal activity.