Can You Really Trust Your Vehicle’s Alarm System to Prevent Car Burglary?

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The short answer is, no – not really.

How many nights have you been snug in your bed, right on the verge of dozing off, when suddenly, “BEEP! BEEP! BEEP!”, a neighbor’s car alarm blasts you back into wakefulness, quicker than an intravenous quadruple espresso?

If you’re like most people, once your heart starts beating again and you realize what it is, you’ll roll back over and hope they turn it off soon, assuming it was just a malfunction. You probably won’t even go to your window and look outside – car alarms go off all the time, and they’re usually false, right? Well, maybe. And maybe not.

Surprisingly, car burglary is one of the most common crimes reported to police, and the numbers tend to go up along with temperatures in the warmer months, with more people leaving their car windows rolled down, or partially open. They happen mostly at night, when there are more cars parked on neighborhood streets, and thieves can hide in the darkness.

You can greatly reduce your chances of becoming a victim, by developing these habits:

Roll up your windows and lock your doors

Thieves prefer things to be fast and easy.  The more difficult you make it for them, the less likely they’ll bother.

Don’t leave valuables in plain view

Lock items in the trunk before arriving at your destination – auto burglars do their dirty work in parking lots, and if you’re seen putting something in your trunk, you’ve just told him where to find the good stuff.

Also, don’t leave items in the car with a blanket or a towel over them.  I mean, really – would that fool you?

Park in lighted areas whenever possible

Not only will it keep your car safer, it’ll keep you safer, too.

Don’t leave change in cup holders

You’d be surprised at how little it takes to tempt a thief to smash your car window, and replacing it will cost a lot more than the 67 cents he gets away with.

Just don’t leave anything in your car

If you can avoid it, this is your best bet. Obviously, it’s not always possible or convenient to remove everything in your vehicle. But, no matter what a pain it is hauling your stuff around with you or cleaning out your car, being the victim of car burglary is almost always going to be worse.




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