City of Fort Lauderdale Florida Police Department Introduces SmartWater

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The Fort Lauderdale Police Department is introducing a forensic coding theft deterrent to assist with the identification of criminals. This theft deterrent is called SmartWater CSI.

The SmartWater product is a forensically encoded liquid that residents and business owners alike can apply to their personal property. This liquid can also be used to spray unwanted intruders upon activation of a security alarm.

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SmartWater CSI states that the non-hazardous, robust liquid is virtually impossible to remove and leaves a long-lasting identifying forensic marking. This marking is known to remain present on a person or property for up to a minimum of five (5) years and is only visible to the naked eye with the use of an ultraviolet black light.

When officers wave an ultraviolet black light over a suspect or an item they could see the presence of this encoded liquid. Officers will then collect a sample of this marking with the use a sterile swab and submit it as evidence to the SmartWater forensic laboratories for evaluation. The SmartWater team will then examine the submitted sample and be able to provide the registered user’s information that is specific to the sample collected. The user’s contact information is then given to Fort Lauderdale Police Detectives to assist in pairing the suspect who the SmartWater was collected from to the victim.

“Fort Lauderdale is an expanding region that welcomes cutting-edge technology, has a police chief who embraces new technology in the best interest of his community, and residents who demand a safe place to live while demonstrating a strong willingness to assist law enforcement to do their job,” stated Logan Pierson, President of SmartWater CSI. “Our thanks to Chief Adderley, Mayor Seiler and City Manager Feldman. Fort Lauderdale is on the forefront of using crime fighting technology.”

Currently, SmartWater CSI is being introduced into the South Middle River Civic Association neighborhood as a pilot program. Residents who live within this neighborhood are invited to the public launch scheduled for Saturday, February 2, 2013 from 11:00 A.M. to 4:00P.M. at the Church of the Intercession, located at 501 Northwest 17 Street, in the City of Fort Lauderdale.

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