Coastal Mechanical Services Introduces Smartwater CSI to Construction Sites Across South Florida

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Coastal Mechanical Services will be deploying SmartWater, a forensically traceable liquid theft deterrent into multiple construction sites throughout South Florida and the United States.

FORT LAUDERDALE, Fla. – August 27, 2015 – SmartWater CSI is proud to announce its latest partnership with Coastal Mechanical Services, a national leader in mechanical contracting services. SmartWater is a forensically traceable liquid theft deterrent which has been deployed in several construction sites throughout South Florida and the United States with a proven track record for reducing and deterring theft.

SmartWater has a proven track record of reducing property crime over the past seventeen years and has played a vital role in more than 1,200 convictions worldwide. SmartWater products are forensically encoded liquids, which can be applied to any property, thereby leaving an invisible ‘serial number’ on the item. The non-hazardous liquid is extremely robust, virtually impossible to remove, and guaranteed to last a minimum of five (5) years. The technology does not contain organic DNA-based materials, which are degradable under sunlight and can be affected by temperature, oxygenation and other environmental factors.

Coastal Mechanical Services ranked as one of the largest mechanical contractors nationwide, provides engineering, prefabrication, implementation and commissioning of HVAC, plumbing, piping and process systems in the commercial and private market sectors. For more information visit

“Coastal Mechanical Services represent an industry leader that recognizes the power of SmartWater forensic liquids in mitigating commercial property loss,” said Colonel (R) Leland Liebe, Chief Operating Officer for SmartWater CSI. “SmartWater belongs on every construction site to protect construction materials and deter theft.”

For more information, visit or call 954-320-7290.

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Company Name: SmartWater CSI

Contact Person: Laura Cornwell


Phone: 954-320-7290

City: Fort Lauderdale

State: FL

Country: United States


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