Danish film crew records SmartWater crime prevention

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A DANISH film crew has joined police and council officers at Shaw Croft to record a SmartWater crime prevention exercise.

The crew, from Danish national station TV2, traveled to Ashbourne for just a day to find out more about SmartWater, a property labelling device which is not yet available in Denmark.

Police and council officers were distributing SmartWater kits after a spate of burglaries in the Ashbourne area.

Go to news story: Ashbourn News Telegraph

Wickie Iversen said: “We’re from a show on TV2 called Station 2 which is equivalent to Crime Watch.”

A while ago we did a piece on copper thefts and we came to British Telecom to talk about it. They told us they used SmartWater.

I was calling around the different police districts, then I Googled SmartWater and found an article about the exercise in Ashbourne, which I think was from the Ashbourne News Telegraph.

We’ve been interviewing people in the town and we’re going to visit SmartWater at Telford to see the production and laboratories.

I know the Danish police are looking into SmartWater and the Danish banking sector are also very interested.

Our viewers generally have an interest in different crime solving techniques, so they will find it really interesting.

We’re very impressed with Ashbourne. We hadn’t done any research before we came, but it’s such a neat town.

“It’s just like Midsumer Murders, but without the murder rate.” Ashbourne man and police officer, Doug Eyre, was out helping distribute the SmartWater kits.

He said: “We’re trying to help Ashbourne people become less likely to be burgled and if that helps prevent burglaries in Denmark as well then that’s brilliant.”

Crime and disorder reduction officer at Derbyshire Dales District Council, Karen Cooper was also part of the exercise. She added: “We’ve been able to respond really quickly and it has gone really well.” Town councillor and Ashbourne resident, Sandra Spencer, collected her free SmartWater kit on Thursday last week and was filmed for Danish television. She said: “I think it’s a brilliant idea. It’s a good thing that the Derbyshire Police are doing.

“Being filmed for Danish television was a bit of a surprise.”

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