A most powerful deterrent – 90% of our customers suffer no further criminal attacks following the installation of a SmartWater® forensic ‘Sprayer’ system.* WATCH the below video to find out how it works:

Our ‘Sprayers’ are typically used in business premises to deter robberies and out-of-hours burglaries. However, efforts are being made to bring these technologies into the home and in turn, allow homeowners to intervene immediately, through their smart devices, in the event of a burglary.

Linked into a new or existing alarm system, once activated, the SmartWater ‘Sprayer’ sprays intruders with an invisible liquid, marking their skin and clothing.

The liquid can only be seen under UV light, remaining on skin for weeks and indefinitely on clothing. Additional evidence such as footprints and handprints may be left at the crime scene assisting with capture and conviction.


Just one droplet is all that is needed to link a criminal to a particular crime scene, with the solution remaining detectable long after the crime has been committed.

Just how effective are these ‘Sprayers’? Well let’s see what actual offenders say…

*Based on UK installations carried out between November 2005 and October 2014.

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