Former Florida Attorney General Bob Butterworth Joins SmartWater CSI

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Fort Lauderdale, FL – Robert A. “Bob” Butterworth, one of Florida’s most distinguished public servants, has joined SmartWater CSI, LLC.  SmartWater is a forensic coding theft deterrent recently introduced into theUnited States.  It has a proven track record of reducing property crime over the past sixteen years that includes over 1,200 convictions worldwide. 

Robert "Bob" Butterworth

Robert “Bob” Butterworth

“SmartWater is the only forensic coding theft deterrent certified by the British Security Industry’s Publicly Available Specification (PAS) 820:2012* to last five years in all weather conditions.  As such, no other forensic theft deterrent has been proven to be nearly as robust,” stated Butterworth. “In all of my years in law enforcement and the judicial system, I have never seen a technology that has such a demonstrated impact on deterring residential and commercial property crime, including metal theft, as SmartWater.”

Logan Pierson, President of SmartWater CSI said, “Bob Butterworth’s wealth of law enforcement knowledge and judicial experience will be an invaluable resource to us as we introduce SmartWater to law enforcement agencies across the U.S. He knows first-hand what it takes to stop criminals.”

Butterworth’s service includes: Florida’s longest serving Attorney General, where he was voted the top Attorney General in the nation by his peers, National Association of Attorneys General Consumer Protection Committee, Secretary of the Florida Department of Children and Families, Dean at St. Thomas University School of Law, Senior Judge State of Florida Judiciary, Broward County Judge, Circuit Court Judge, Broward County Prosecutor and Broward County Sheriff.  Butterworth has received national recognition for his success in enforcing victim and consumer protection. 

*The basic purpose of the PAS 820:2012 document is to overcome the difficulties that purchasers could encounter with assessing the length of time a forensic code will continue to be identifiable, and should help those making purchasing decisions to assess this aspect of a product. Forensic marking products are used to link items to an owner or place, or a suspect to stolen goods at the scene of a crime. They can also be deployed to protect equipment, metal, cables, personal property (such as jewelry, computers and mobile phones), commercial assets, inventory/stock, banknotes and safety-critical parts.

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