Insurance Claims Journal Review: Water-Based Asset Marking Technology Hits the U.S. Listen to Podcast Interview.

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A new, water-based forensic marking technology promises to reduce property crimes by 50-60 percent, according to Logan Pierson, president of SmartWater CSI, LLC. The company, in existence for 17 years in the UK, recently established a presence in the United States, in Fort Lauderdale, Fla.

It was developed by a former law‑enforcement officer, Phil Cleary, after he retired with injuries on the job. He and his brother, Mike Cleary, a forensic chemist, created a water‑based solution that can be used to mark anything of value, from jewelry to industrial equipment, with a unique mark indicating its owner.

Listen to the podcast interview with Logan Pierson, president of SmartWater CSI, LLC

“The solution devised by Phil’s brother Mike created a one‑in‑a‑billion signature, using water and rare‑earth metals, which basically are elements. These combinations, and there are currently 26 different elements within this water‑based solution now. Each time we add another element to that mix, it adds another billion signatures,” Pierson said.

According to Pierson, the water‑based solution doesn’t wash off.

“It is virtually impossible to remove from metals or clothing. It is…certified for five years by the British Standards Institute,” Pierson added.

Read the full article in Claims Journal.

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