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Global News 2.12.14 (4)

A burglar from Kensal Green, North London  who was sprayed with forensically coded SmartWater after breaking into a police ’trap house’ has been jailed.

Paul James McIntosh, of Earlsmead Road, had no idea he had been sprayed with SmartWater when he stole a watch which had been planted by officers in a sting operation.

When the 32-year-old broke into the property police received an activation alert leading to his arrest. When he was apprehended his jacket was found to be covered in traces of SmartWater that can only be seen under UV light. The timepiece, which was also marked, was also found in his possession.

At Harrow Crown Court he was jailed for two-and-half years for burglary. McIntosh asked for seven thefts from motor vehicles, one attempted residential burglary and three residential burglaries to be taken into consideration.

Detective Sergeant Madeline Ryder, Brent SmartWater Project Lead, said: “This is yet another typical example of work completed by Brent Officers. The SmartWater technology in our trap houses and cars is so effective that in less than 72 hours from the trap house being broken into, McIntosh was arrested, interviewed, placed before the Courts and pleaded guilty. In addition, the stolen property was also recovered.”


– See more at: http://www.smartwater.com/news/jail-for-burglar-caught-by-smartwater-technology.html#sthash.ZBnq53or.dpuf

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