Miramar police expand SmartWater CSI program

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A drop in burglaries among 150 Miramar homeowners who used a property marking tool called SmartWater CSI has prompted police to offer it to more residents.

From March through December 2014, home burglaries in the pilot group fell to 174, compared to 212 during the same time period the year before, Miramar Police spokeswoman Tania Rues said Wednesday.

“We think the product, signage and publicity about the effort were deterrents that contributed to the reduction,” Rues said.
SmartWater CSI is an invisible permanent liquid and contains minuscule numbered dots that can be read with a black light.

The dots match a user’s registration with the company and enable stolen items to be traced, according to investigators.

Police have 900 free kits available. Anyone who shows a utility bill or government-issued identification as proof of residency is eligible to receive one, while they last.

The kits were purchased with state law enforcement trust funds and only one will be given to a household, Rues said.

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