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When Norfolk resident and motorbike enthusiast discovered her Honda cG125 had been stolen from outside her home address in Norwich on 7 January 2016 she reported the theft to Norfolk Police in the hope that the thief may be caught and her motorcycle recovered.

The reason for this confidence was that the motorcycle was marked with SmartWater 15-years ago. SmartWater is well known to the criminal fraternity and contains a unique forensic code that is registered to an address or location. Anything marked can be traced back to where it came from, allowing the police to identify stolen property and irrefutably link criminals to crime scenes. SmartWater is almost invisible in natural light but glows brightly under ultraviolet (UV) light.

The motorcycle was recovered on 25 January 2016 from an address in Blyth Road in Norwich and a man was arrested in connection with the theft. 24-year-old James Newton, of Blyth Road, Norwich, was later charged with handling stolen goods. He pleaded guilty at Norwich Magistrates Court to the offence and was sentenced to 8 weeks imprisonment. Newton was also convicted for other offences, including burglary; theft of a motor vehicle and theft from a motor vehicle, and was jailed for a total of 45 weeks.

PC Ben Burton, of Norwich North Police Station, said: “This sentence reiterates that we will not tolerate any kind of activity around thefts in the city or indeed the county as a whole.

“Newton was charged as a result of joined up working between officers from our Safer Neighbourhood Team and partner agencies including SmartWater.

“If you are a thief we will pursue you and ensure that it is a hostile environment within Norfolk for you to operate.”

Chief Executive of SmartWater, Phil Cleary, added: “We are very pleased to have been able to support the exemplary work of Norfolk Police in bringing a thief to justice. This case is an excellent example of both proactive policing and partnership working. Our scientists were able to identify exactly where the motorcycle was from and conclusively prove it was stolen, giving the police invaluable evidence to help achieve a prosecution.

Phil Cleary, added: “SmartWater has a proven track record for both detecting and deterring criminal activity. When deployed strategically SmartWater has helped the Police to achieve significant levels of crime reduction and has aided hundreds of criminal convictions.”

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