SmartWater CSI Helps Safeguard South Florida Preschool After Metal Theft

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Joanna Bellamy, director of First Steps Preschool and Brenda Bailey, business development director of SmartWater CSI install SmartWater warning sign at entrance to preschool.

“This theft has been a disaster to us,” explained Bellamy.  “We have been in business since 1998, and have never had anything like this happen.  Because we can’t cool our rooms, some of our children have moved to other daycare centers.  So, it’s not just the loss of the air-conditioners that we have to deal with. It’s also the loss of business.”

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Pierson commented, “When we heard the daycare was a target of theft, we wanted to take action.  It’s extremely important that we support our community, especially our children. Our goal is to make each neighborhood a safer place.”

“We are very grateful to have a product that is going to safeguard our preschool and we are applying SmartWater to all of our valuables. I hope they catch the person who stole from us.  Let the thief know we’re protected with SmartWater and they better BEWARE!” stated Bellamy.

How SmartWater Reduces Crime

SmartWater products are forensically encoded liquids that are used by residents and businesses to mark property and assets that may be stolen during a burglary, as well as a spray system that can be used for covert police operations and commercial businesses.  The non-hazardous liquid is virtually impossible to remove, unlike microdots, and leaves a long-lasting identifying mark that is invisible except under ultraviolet black light. Law enforcement officials can take the smallest micro-fragment of SmartWater from stolen property and send it to SmartWater’s forensic laboratories, where it can be scientifically analyzed to identify the owner.

As a result, thieves who make the calculated mistake of targeting SmartWater marked-assets face a far greater risk of successful prosecution. Ultimately, as the statistics in the UK over the past 16 years exhibit, crime is reduced and the public enjoys a safer environment.

The City of Fort Lauderdale, the Fort Lauderdale Police Department and SmartWater CSI recently announced a partnership introducing this proven forensic coding theft deterrent to catch and put pressure on criminals and the fences that buy stolen property. 


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