Permanent, traceable liquids for the marking of personal property, company assets and infrastructure.


Suitable for the marking of all manner of valuables including personal possessions (such as jewelry, laptops, sports equipment, etc…), business assets, vehicles and boats, SmartWater’s Property Marking solution is as robust as it is versatile. This traceable liquid carries a unique forensic ‘code’ which is registered to an address or location.

Once applied it is almost impossible to remove and can only be seen under UV light. Forensic analysis provides conclusive proof of ownership.

SmartWater was the first forensic coding manufacturer to achieve a Grade A External classification as part of a Publicly Available Specification published by the British Standards Institution (PAS 820:2012). This means our forensic products have been independently tested to last the equivalent of 5 years in external weather conditions.


Key Benefits

  • No two solutions contain the same forensic code – making your assets uniquely identifiable.
  • Invisible to the naked eye but glows brightly under UV light.
  • It is easy to apply and is almost impossible to remove.
  • The first traceable liquid to hold BSI 820:2012 Grade A External specification which is guaranteed to last for a minimum of 5 years outdoors, giving you long term protection.
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