Utility power and telecommunications cable theft.

  • Thieves take over a mile of power cable, put wind farm out of use… video
  • Railroad signaling cables marked with SmartWater help reduce passenger disruptions from cable theft… video
  • British Telecom coating telecommunications wire with SmartWater solution. Increase the level of convictions by linking criminals to scene of the theft… video

SmartWater partners with police and scrap yards.

  • SmartWater partnership with area police and utility companies in scrap yard crackdown on cable and metal thieves… video
  • Scrap yards using SmartWater device to spot stolen property and avoid illegal purchase. (Dutch sub-titles)… video

Government authorities deal with illegal activities.

  • City Council responds to surge in stolen public property (metal drain covers,
    street furniture, memorials) by marking with SmartWater… video
  • SmartWater used to lead to authorities to illegal trash dumper… video

Jewelry and electronics recovered and returned.

  • Donal MacIntyre talks about household burglary of jewelry uniquely marked with
    SmartWater…. video
  • Homes displaying SmartWater window sign and marking jewelry and electronics
    lead to criminal prosecutions and dramatic reduction in burglaries…. video
  • Police identify stolen household property and rightful owners. Burglaries fall three times faster where SmartWater is used than other areas in the city…. video

SmartWater passes destruction test.

  • SmartWater unique forensic finger print survives fire test… video
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