South Middle River residents gather to pick up SmartWater kits

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The South Middle River neighborhood in the City of Fort Lauderdale experiences high home break-in and theft rates.

Saturday, residents of the neighborhood eagerly registered and picked up their SmartWater kit, ready to fight back.

One resident, John Murray, with several thousand dollars in losses from two home burglaries last year, has fortified his home with warning signs, cameras and alarms. Now he plans to mark everything with SmartWater including his television, cell phone and laptop.

Watch NBC TV coverage of the event.




Murray said, “It’s such a violation of when you work hard at something and you’re paying your bills and you’re doing the best to protect your house and you step away from your house and you come back to just complete devastation.”

 “We have several youths that drive around on bicycles and alert other thieves when a resident is out of the house so they can comfotably smash a window and break in,” said Sal Gatanio, with the South Middle River Neighborhood Civic Association.

He continued: “And you know the police are doing the best they can but they can’t be everywhere all the time.”

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