Street Pastors Receive Security Upgrade

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A new triage support vehicle being used by Shrewsbury Street Pastors in Shropshire has received a cutting-edge security upgrade, courtesy of crime fighting specialists, SmartWater.

Over the recent festive season, Shrewsbury Street Pastors have deployed their support vehicle for the first time. Nicknamed ‘the donkey’ the vehicle has been leased from Shropshire County Council to provide assistance to revellers following a night out in Shrewsbury town centre.

It has been kitted out with an array of health and safety equipment to help individuals that require support to ensure their own personal safety. This may be the resultant effects of excessive alcohol, drugs, relational difficulty or emotional distress.

The Donkey is equipped with a defibrillator, first-aid equipment, space blankets, hot drink facilities, TV and video, a wheelchair loader, life jackets and life lines. It is also fitted with radio equipment so that Shrewsbury Street Pastor volunteers can speak with emergency services, bar door staff and the town’s CCTV operators.

All equipment, along with the vehicle itself, has now been marked with SmartWater in order to deter any would-be thieves from attempting to steal this vital and potentially life-saving equipment.

Any item marked with SmartWater can be irrefutably linked back to its owner if stolen. Consequently, SmartWater acts as a powerful deterrent to thieves because it increases their chances of being detected and arrested. SmartWater is almost impossible to remove and can only be seen under ultraviolet (UV) lighting, which is regularly used during searches for stolen property conducted by West Mercia Police.

Steve Jones, Director of Operations from Shrewsbury Street Pastors, said: “This will be the fourth year that Shrewsbury Street Pastors have been on hand to help people get home safely or get them back in touch with their friends following a night out in the town. Using SmartWater to mark our vehicle and equipment will not only protect it, it will also give confidence to our volunteers that the tools they need to do their job are safe from thieving hands.”

Gary Higgins, Director of Security Services for SmartWater, said: “We are delighted to be working with Shrewsbury Street Pastors to protect their potentially life-saving equipment. SmartWater has aided hundreds of convictions and maintains a 100% conviction rate. Consequently it is well known to thieves who will avoid stealing SmartWater-protected property.

Kevin Roberts from West Mercia Police, said: “We have a long standing good relationship with SmartWater and we are pleased they have been able to facilitate the marking of the Street Pastors vehicle, named ‘the donkey’, with their SmartWater kit. This is a proactive measure in the combating of potential thefts from the vehicle of equipment designed and installed to save lives and help others in need.”


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