Worthing Herald UK – SmartWater Becoming a Prerequisite for Obtaining Insurance.

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THE Scrap Metal Dealers Act came into effect this October and the early signs are that metal theft is already declining as a result, but another deterrent exists which is also becoming a prerequisite towards obtaining insurance cover.

SmartWater now has over a million users and is protecting over 20 million items nationwide. It carries a forensic “code” which is registered to an address or location, and is suitable for the marking of all manner of valuables, from cables, roof coverings and flashings to cars, bicycles, jewellery, ornaments and electrical items.

It is almost impossible to remove and can only be seen under UV light. Anything marked with SmartWater can be forensically analysed, providing conclusive proof of ownership – by reason of which, it acts as a powerful deterrent to criminals.

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